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Recommended Solar Manufacturers

With over 10 of experience in the solar industry, several solar panel Recommended Solar manufacturers come with our support ( website under build, more to be added shortly :) )

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The best mid range to high mid range module available. After having an already high product warranty of 15 years, (aside from the 25 year performance warranty). They've increased it to 25 years.

We've had excellent service by dealing directly with Winaico. Often solar modules are imported and sold by resellers. Dealing directly with the manufacter has come with excellent response time and no warranty issues as of yet.

They also offer 2 years insurance against weather damage or system performance issues due to installer negligence. 


LG Solar

A Premium product choice. LG Solar have been making nothing but high quality modules since their neon 300w release back in 2013.

25 Year Product and Performance warranty backed by LG Electronics.

An amazing product with the highest power per square cm value. If you have limited roof space with high Energy demands, and nothing but the best will do then this is your best option. 

Recommended Solar Manufacturers: Services
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