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Experienced installing these battery products and more

Able to supply and install any battery product of your choice.

LG Chem.jpg

LG Chem Resu" HV"

LG Chem Resu Lithium-Ion wall mount batteries look great, function well and are easy to install. DC Coupled for maximum charge and discharge efficiency. Generally installed on Solar Edge inverters with or without grid fail backup.

Power Plus

Australian made, fairly new competitor achieving huge goals already. Exporting their very well priced, practically perfect highly versatile lithium battery module.


ZCell / RedFlow

Higher initial cost but remember to include the electrolyte cash in value at the end of your warranty. A fascinating battery comprised of two zinc bromine liquid holding tanks pumping between compartments to create energy.

Tesla Powerwall

An excellent product for an excellent price. Whole house backup (single phase) can be achieved fairly easily with this smooth, sleek and sophisicated setup.

super caps.jpg

Sirius Energy Storage - Kilowatt Labs Super Capacitor

While battery technologies on the market today have a lifespan of approximately 4-6000 cycles. This storage units are rated at 1,000,000 cycles with zero degradation, a hard comparison to fathom.

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